[OWNER] Pixel_James aOWNER posted Aug 6, 15  -  Welcome


Thankyou for visiting and signing up on the Pixel Acres Network site!

The Pixel Acres Network consists of 3 servers:
Rewheim: MMORPG Factions, where fantasy and reality collide! A unique twist on the original Factions servers!
Soporo Aqua: A conceptual underwater survival server, where the only land is at spawn! Survive underwater, or attempt to make your living above the dangerous oceans!
Pixel Acres: The original server, with Survival, Skyblock and Creative Plot worlds!

If you haven't already, make sure to check out Pixel Acres at play.pixelacres.net, Rewheim at play.rewheim.net, and Soporo Aqua at play.soporoaqua.net!

Pixel Acres is a Semi-Vanilla server with 3 worlds - Survival, Skyblock, and Creative Plots.

WhiteBlade2124 co-owns Pixel Acres, ElderCrusader co-owns Rewheim, and Zico_Iz co-owns Soporo Aqua. Pixel_James owns the Pixel Acres Network, and therefore all three servers.

We rely on donations to help keep our servers alive. See how you can help by going to the store pages! You can even buy merch!

Need extra help? E-mail us at admin@pixelacres.net!

We can't wait to see you online, and feel free to ask any questions you want!