Hello ladies, gentlemen and everything in between. It’s me your friendly neighborhood Admin WhiteBlade2124 bringing you the October month post for your viewing pleasure. I have a couple of announcements for you all so you'd better start listening er actually, reading.

Build Team Announcement

First of all. It is my absolute pleasure to announce that the Pixel Acres Build Team is being formed once again! We decided it was for the best to have a team of elite builders back on the server, so if your interested you should definitely apply. James, LosSantosLense and myself will be looking over the applications and forming the team from there. Oh and I forgot to mention something, oh right, I'm going to be in charge of the build team, while continuing my Admin duties of course, so if you want to work closely with me and some other like minded people who all love building then fill out those application forms and send them on through.

Super Secret Charity Event

On an even more exciting note. Our amazing owner the one and only Pixel_James has started working together with many other servers to bring you the Combined Server Charity Event. Now James will be giving everyone all the the details but the gist is. We’ve teamed up with several servers from around Australia and the world for a never before seen charity event. So every server will be holding mini games and events and things on their own servers and if you want to get ahead in the mini games or whatever these servers have set up. All you have to do is donate and you’ll get special items, perks or whatever they decide to do. It changes from server to server but every donation that each server gets for the weekend will all be going to a charity that you will all decide by voting over the course of the weekend. And when’s all this happening? December 1st and 2nd! So save up your money. And remember it’s all for a really good cause.

Staff Changes

Now everyone, I know we’ve had some run arounds with our staff team but don’t worry because it’s all settled down now, So first of all, I would like to congratulate TiaTree and LaurenMontez for both passing their trial periods and being promoted to full fledged moderators. So if you see either of them around say hey and remember to congratulate Lauren and Tia I know they’re going to do an amazing job. And unfortunately xXlegoXx has decided that he would like to take a break from the staff team. So for his absence we wish him all the best. Adding to the bad news. Our Co Owner has left us. Logic decided that it was to difficult managing an Australian server with the time difference with some personal problems in his life. We wish him all the best in the future.

Top Voter of the Month

And lastly I would like to congratulate our top voter for the month Terranous. So if anyone sees them on the server make sure you congratulate them to.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this long post about the goings on of the server and I hope your enjoying the few behind the scenes glimpses that I’m managing to sneak past James (Don’t tell him :P). I look forward to seeing all of your applications to the build team and I also look forward to seeing you all in game, so until next time. Have a good one ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, WhiteBlade Out.