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Appeal For My Ban - NeinCraft_

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I was banned this morning. I really enjoy playing the server and regret the decisions I have made. I have spent lots of time on the server and would like to continue playing with my 7 other friends on the server. I feel bad for my actions and am willing to apologize to the people I have offended or being disrespectful to. I would even be grateful to be left on 1 final warning that leads to a perma ban. I had also changed my skin to a different one after my warning for it.
Posted Apr 15, 19 · OP
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Atleast let me give all my enchanted diamond stuff to my mates before im gone forever :(.
Posted Apr 15, 19 · OP
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Hello Neincraft_,

Thank you for taking the time to submit a ban appeal. I apologise for the late response, staff have been very busy with the Easter events, and 1.14's upcoming release both requiring a lot of time and attention.
As you have mentioned, you were banned for the following reasons:
- Having an offensive skin
- Promoting Nazism
- Disrespecting other players

While you did remove your offensive skin, you were warned as a permanent and private reminder into the future as to what to look out for. We do not accept any of that type of skin or imagery on the Network.
Staff were provided screenshot evidence of you promoting Nazism - taking it a step further and praising the works of Hitler, calling him "Great". Again, highly inappropriate, and not something we want to see anywhere on the Network.
Finally, and possibly the most influential warning, was for disrespecting players - staff had 2 players approach us reporting that you had picked on a member of our community due to their sexuality and views. This is a highly inappropriate topic to be arguing about, and even more disrespectful to shame and joke about someone. This member has now left the community due to your words.

Due to the lasting impact that your words and actions have had on the wider community, and the extremity of the warnings, your appeal has been denied, and you will continue to be banned.
Thank you for understanding.
Posted Mon at 08:14 pm
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