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I was Banned

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I was Banned because I stole from WhiteBlade2124's Red stone store next to VicIsAwesome2075's shop, but it was not stealing. The reason I believe this is because I left diamonds next to the chest to pay, and a book to say sorry, I then remembered that all items disappear after a certain amount of time, I went back to the shop, figuring I could pick them up and give them to WhiteBlade2124 in person, but when I arrived they were already gone. I had no more diamonds and I wasn't going to take another book. I am sincerely sorry. VicIsAwesome2075 said 'I've known Heidi for a long time, and, I have found her to be the sort of person who would never steal, I'm 100% sure that it's all a misunderstanding' . I really hope you can understand, I love playing on Pixel Acres and was devestated to see that I was banned.

Wholeheartedly, Stelicity (Heidi)
Posted Jan 20, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 14, 19
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Dear Heidi,
Thank you for submitting a ban appeal.
You were not just banned for stealing from Brandon - it was because you had received a 3rd warning. Your first warning was from 28th December, and was for lying to staff multiple times, your second was for griefing, and your third and final warning was for stealing from Brandon's store.
Throwing items next to a chest, does not substitute as 'payment'. Brandon's store is not a book store, and had no signage allowing the use of diamonds as payment. Due to this, taking books from the chest - even if you gave your entire collection of precious items in return - counts as stealing, and therefore earns you a warning.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of your three warnings, your appeal has been denied, and your ban will still staand.

Thank you for playing on Pixel Acres, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and please note that joining with another username will also earn that account a ban - so I would recommend not putting your friends' accounts at risk.


Posted Jan 20, 19 · Last edited Feb 14, 19
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