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I love the server, but there are a few things I would like to pitch for ideas to make it a bit more fun and maybe draw more people to join!

=More vote rewards: More cool stuff to get in the vote crates, it would also make people want to vote more!

=pixel art???: maybe some pixel art or references at spawn would make it even more otaku-er?

=SilkSpawner plugin(For Survival) : Yes it would make them easier to get, but I've seen people to AMAZING builds for grinders and more time building means more time spent on the server and less time raging while looking for skeletons!

=Mining world(For Survival) : Instead of people messing up the same world they build in, maybe have a farm world for the survival map?

=Ability to buy extra plots(For creative) : Maybe let people have the option to buy extra plots to build on in exchange for IRL money? so if they don't want to delete/destroy their build they can just donate to the server to get a nice new plot!

Hope you like my ideas! ^.^
Posted Jun 24, 17 · OP
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Hey Silver!
Thanks for all the suggestions!
I'll get on to the vote crates and ideas for pixel art now! We already have one massive one by Dark, and things are slowly popping up on Spawn island :d

We actually already have SilkSpawner on all our worlds - only Geeks+ are able to use it though (if someone has spent enough time on to have found a spawner and have silk touch, you'd think they'd at least have Geek xD), so that's all good!

As for the mine, we usually set up a massive public mine somewhere near spawn, and this one is going to be off the spawn island, a little on the mainland. The only issue I can see with a world for that, is that you'd find some people who would build there instead, and if we disabled block placement, you wouldn't be able to get out of sticky situations! I would look more into this if there was a lot of push for it though!

And I'll have a look into the plots - not sure if that would go against the EULA as you're unable to sell any items just as themselves, and this may count - but if we're able to I'll add it to the store.

Thanks again for the suggestions! It's great to hear from players who have ideas on how to improve the server :)

Posted Jun 24, 17
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