[OWNER] Pixel_James aOWNER posted Jan 7, 18  -  BungeeImportantNews

So, time to discuss what changes are happening - Pixel Acres is going Bungee!

What is bungee? Well, it means that we now have 2 servers - Survival/Creative/Minigames, then a separate one for Rewheim. However, these will all be connected through the Hub. 

There are pros and cons and I wish to list them now so you know in advance what will happen to your stuff.


  • It will be much easier to enjoy Rewheim and Survival themselves 
  • No messed up chat depending on your world
  • Personalised broadcasts in each server
  • Voting will work per server
  • We have more space for customization on Rewheim, and Minigames on the main server
  • mcMMO can be enabled everywhere
  • Money works a ton easier
  • Glitches won't affect the whole server
  • When we do maintenance you can still access your favourite server through another ip!

Cons (please read so there is no confusion later)

  • In Rewheim
    • Inventories will be lost
    • Quest progress will be lost
    • Rewheim will open a few days/a week later while we reset the NPCs

  • In Survival
    • Some inventories may be lost. (I can not replace lost inventories so please don't ask!)

If you are in Rewheim, this will be a time to start fresh. No one (including myself) will get inventories back.

This upgrade will be amazing for Pixel Acres, as it means our playerbase will be able to grow much more, and players will have a more personalised experience. Things will be much more streamlined, and we look forward to expanding our playerbase and staff team.

If you have questions please comment here or send me a message on Enjin. I sincerely apologise for the loss of items - I know this affects many people, and trust me, I know it sucks, but overall this will make a massive difference on the server, and I will get back what I can over time. I ask that you be patient with the staff team as we work through this new chapter of the server together.

Finally I would like to thank Lauren for her help in keeping me sane with my late night works on this (I have been up for hours on this - one day was 9.5 hours of file transferring), and especially Kobe686 for his guidance in BungeeCord - this is brand new to me so having his experience helps! Thank you also to everyone who has joined in as a tester.

Well, see you in game soon! We hope to be releasing back tomorrow!